Private Chef/Catering

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Private Chef and Catering

A professional private chef usually lives with the family, visits with the client each day and prepares meals as needed. We’re talking about personal chefs for hire who have more than one client they visit regularly during the week. A personal chef is ideal for cooking for families, or catering lunches and dinners for business or organization corporations and families renting a home in Ireland.

Our chefs visit your holiday home and prepare gourmet meals according to a pre-arranged plan, around your favorite foods. Chefs prepare foods according to special dietary needs, and often use locally available foods. The chef and team do everything from planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, catering dinner parties, clearing dishes, and storing food. When prepared items are to be eaten later, instructions for reheating and serving the food will also be given.

Certified chefs have had food handling and safety training and have met certain standards which may or may not be important to you. While some are ok with a self-trained chef, others will require a chef with professional training. 

We request references to find the most suitable chef for your occasion.